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This page is dead! Go to my new website!

This was my personal webpage for a long time. I started it when I was in high school.

Nowadays I spend all of my time working on my one-man webzine, None More Comic.

Here's a link to it: None More Comic

Also, as I've neglected to maintain this page for a while, it looks like the system has deleted most of this page's materials. Here's what's left:





There used to be a million other pages on this site, I don't know what happened to them. They're just gone. Those four are all that seem to be left. And keep in mind that they were made 5 years ago, when I was still young and angsty. As opposed to now, where I am a well-adjusted young adult working in NYC.

There also seems to be this image in the files, I don't know why it's here. But it looks good to me.

There also is this awful picture of me that I would never use for anything. Here you go.

That seems to be everything left on my former site. I still wonder where all the rest of it went. Maybe I deleted it in a frenzy of destructive urges. It doesn't matter, really. My new web page is where it's at.

Here's the link again so you can go to a place more interesting: None More Comic

That is all.

-Bayard, 11-3-01

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