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everything is real. nothing is important. all life is based on assumptions. all assumptions lead to an initial axiom. all axioms are self-serving. therefore, nothing can be verified save by its own tenets to be proved. people use logic to verify and predict reality. the tenets of logic demand that all things be verified. logic is a systematic explanation that cannot be verified. people ignore the failure of logic to produce certainty, which is good. rejecting basic tenets of predictability lead to hopelessness. man cannot function without hope. this truth leads to emptiness. happiness is the rejection of truth and the false claim of knowledge. man chooses to ignore the flaws in his own belief system in order to continue functioning. why does he do this? because man has underlying basic goals that have no reason, only function. one goal is self-preservation. another is setting self-governing rules another is systemization of his surrounding world. these goals lead man to embrace certain beliefs and policies that claim to be truths, but are actually functions. man is a functional being, not a rational being. his existence, his conceptualizations, and his utilizations are his purpose. these purposes are not necessary or truthful, but men that use them continue to exist, while those who don't discontinue existence. while these functions are sufficient to continue life and propagation, they are not sufficient to complete the individual. this is because the goals set cannot be fulfilled. therefore, man is doomed to a degree of emptiness.

that's as far as I've gotten. the chain of logic is subject to revision, but that should copme as no surprise.

so be happy.

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