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This Is My Current View...

	Essentially every person on this earth is alone.  To be an 
individual is to be divided from all other creatures in some 
irreconcilable way.  People also find themselves helpless and 
weak when faced with a world that is bigger than they ever can 
be.  So they think up very clever ways of either denying their 
individuality, or self-asserting in a move to find safety from 
fear of emptyness.  Relationships are a way of denying 
	The problem arises that others also seek safety from themselves,
 so they seek those that have asserted themselves to begin 
relationships with.   People who have asserted themselves depend on 
the concept that independence is desirable for happiness, and so they 
do not actually desire a relationship.  And those who seek to lose 
individuality and meld with others are not desired, because they are 
dependent.  Relationships are paradoxical in that people who will enter 
into them have two incompatible desires, for independence and 
deindividualization, and usually the importance is not on equal ground 
so both members are unfulfilled.
	The essential problem is that both paths to sanctity are selfish in 
nature, and are not motivated by other's needs.  Because we are 
individuals we are unable to overcome this barrier;  although we 
can feel empathy we will never escape the immediate needs of our own 
existence.  The solution is to take heavy sedatives and watch TV.