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There is a difference between things.

	Friends are an escape of yourself.  They are an attempt
to join into another person's mind, and escape the isolation of 
your own mind.  There are two types of friends, extensions and 
abandonments.  Extensions are friends that are an extension of 
yourself, they are used to self-justify, and to feel like you 
don't have to be alone as an individual, because your friend is 
also you.  Other friends are abandonments, or people you use to 
abandon yourself by, because they are so different that when you
 are with them you become them, and escape yourself for a while.  
One cannot do both at the same time, but some friends can let you 
escape yourself and verify yourself at different times.  This may 
seem like the best kind of friend, but they can be the worst, because 
you can never quite escape yourself with this person, and you can never 
quite be self-justified by this person.  Although you can take the 
stand that differences make us special, this is idealistic nonsense.  
When someone differs from you in matters that you yourself could have 
chosen, you can approve.  But you would be unable to accept as friends 
those who choose things you never could have chosen.  In other words, 
your closest friends will be possible outcomes of you;  you in other 
circumstances making different possible decisions will be your friend.
	People who you do activities with are not your friends, they are 
acquaintences.  Your beliefs do not need to overlap, and you do not 
need to escape yourself or verify yourself using these people, 
because that is not your purpose.  You get these people to amuse you,
 and losing one has the same sensation as boredom.  Any type will do, 
so long as your conversations do not run deep.
	There is also a mythical best friend, who cares about you because 
of who you are and also loves him/herself at once.  These people do 
not exist, I stopped believing in them yesterday.  YOur best friend 
loves him/herself, you are an extension.  In other words, one become 
two, not two become one.  If you ever meet anyone who really is you, 
then you will be the luckiest person alive.
	Relationships differ from friendships, although they overlap.  More 
in another entry.